A Decentralized Meme Token that Evolved into a Vibrant Ecosystem

ApeInu is the smartest deflationary meme token everyone should have in their wallet. With a strong and vibrant community, liquidity pool locked forever, no "wallet blacklist mechanism" to allow for free trade and cheapest buy and sell tax at 1%, we are the safest bet for long and short term investors within the meme category.

Our Project & Ecosystem

From its inception, ApeInu has done things differently. Starting with a supply of 1 quadrillion, the development team, have locked 95% in PancakeSwap, and paired it with 2 $BNB starting liquidity.

LIquidity locked on PancakeSwap

India's covid relief fund


How to Buy

APEINU are purchased and sold through PancakeSwap, but can also in the future be found on an ever-growing list of CEXs and DEX’s.

APEINU is a decentralized experiment and, as such, we always incentivize the use of DEXs.

Quick Start Guide

1. Create MetaMask wallet

Create a MetaMask Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device. That will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive SHIBC

2. Send BNB to your wallet

You can buy BNB directly on MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet from exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc. Make sure to use the BEP-20 network when transfering BNB.

3. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

Access your wallet to PancakeSwap by clicking ‘Connect to a wallet’ and selecting MetaMask.

4. Swap BNB for ApeInu

You can start swapping as soon as you have BNB available! Press ‘Select a token’ and enter the token address or search for it on the tokens list.




Phase 1

1,000 Holder

Website Launch

CoinGecko Listing

2,000 Telegram Members

Community Marketing Fund

Marketing Campaign

CoinMarketCap Listing

5,000 Holders

Phase 2

5,000 Telegram Member

Website Redesign

10,000 Holders

10,000 Telegram Members

20,000 Holders

Phase 3

ApeInu (Decentralize Exchange)

Initial CEX Listings (Hotbit, Bilaxy, CoinTiger)

15,000 Telegram Members

30,000 Holders


Using the links below, you can join our various groups alongside the 100+ other members of the ApeInu.


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